what's on offer
Dr Kaz' specific offerings include...

  • Integrated medicine, combining allopathic (conventional) medicine with all the tools in Dr Kaz' basket, including homeopathy, kinesiology, SCIO and SCENAR treatments, nutrition, health coaching and more
  • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), identifying hormone deficiencies and replacing them with bio-identical hormones i.e. natural hormones which have the identical molecular structures to those made in our bodies
  • Drips for patients with cancer, blocked arteries, heart disease, chronic fatigue, viruses and auto-immune diseases
  • Sports medicine, including (legal) performance enhancing drips, sports nutrition, bio-puncture and SCENAR treatment for injuries
  • Functional nutrition, treating illness with medical foods which restore proper physiological function in the body
  • Aurosoma (colour) therapy for treating physical and emotional illness or challenges
  • Consciousness Coaching, in which Dr Kaz offers health, life and business coaching
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