Courses & Workshops

Courses and workshops

Doctor Kaz' Health Retreats literally transform everything you ever knew about health. "Life changing" is one of the many descriptions used by Retreatants.

Doctor Kaz teaches the following courses under licence from the More to Life organisation:

Power of Purpose, exploring purposeful living

Power of Self-Esteem, exploring self-esteem

Power of Connection, exploring relationships

In addition she is qualified to teach the MBSR (Mind Body Stress Release) 8 week course in mindfulness.

Dr Kaz is also a qualified Consciousness Coaching coach and offers Individual and
Group Medical, Business and Life Coaching.

She and Meron Shapland have also co-designed  and offer the course:

Sacred Relationships, exploring relationships and sexuality

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Ultimate Nutrition

A one day workshop in which you will learn:
  • How to optimise your health through nutrition
  • What supplements to use
  • How to feed kids and other special cases
  • How to eat yourself to wellness
  • Control your weight, allergies and ailments
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