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CLICK HERE TO BOOK FOR DR KAZ' 31st March to 5th June 2019 TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALTH RETREAT at Gwahumbe Game Lodge & Spa

Dr Kaz' six day residential Health Retreats are transformational. Held at beautiful out-of-town venues, you get full-on Dr Kaz with all that she offers for an extended period of time.

If you make no other investment in your health and well-being this year, make this one. Get a taste by clicking here.


"Dr Kaz is a leading light, guiding us masterfully through our journey of healing and self-discovery in a gentle, supportive way..."

"You held the space so beautifully for all of us and your special brand of humour combined with your professionalism and compassion just hit the right note..."

"Wonderful therapists, fabulous program, beautiful people, exquisite food...

"...that feeling of total 'safety' and acceptance...I am feeling fabulous...overall improvement has been awesome..."

"...such awesome advice and tools to help me on my way..."

"...ideal choice of venue. Breathtaking!"
STOP PRESS!! Dr Kaz will be holding her next residential retreat for 2019 at the beautiful GWAHUMBE GAME LODGE & SPA from 18th - 23rd August. For more information click HERE.
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