Power of Esteem

The Power of Esteem

A powerful training Program to enhance self-esteem and release maximum potential in the workplace

How much more effective and productive could we be if we could be the best we can be at all times in all areas of our lives? What is it that gets in the way of being as good as we can be?

Often it is our driven natures and lack of confidence or self-esteem that hold us back. So often we derive our self-esteem from the cars we drive, the houses in which we live, the jobs we have, the way in which people speak to us, the results we create or fail to create in our lives and any number of other extraneous factors. But when any of those is taken away from us, what happens then? We are at the mercy of the planet on which we live.

What if our self-esteem was derived from within and we knew how to access it? How much less susceptible would we and our productivity then be to what people said or thought about us? What if we knew how to stop being driven by our fear of consequences and could find a way of being at cause rather than effect? How effective would we then be?

THE POWER OF ESTEEM is either trained over six 3 hour sessions spaced a week apart (preferable), or over two full days.

Trained by Doctor Kaz and Andrew Pike, THE POWER OF ESTEEM is designed to teach participants practical tools to:

  • Recognise what it looks like when we are not at our personal best

  • Recognise how it looks when we are at our personal best

  • Learn tools to become our personal best

  • Understand the nature of self esteem

  • Separate our self esteem from the world around us

  • Stop our drivenness

  • Access the part of our esteem that motivates us to be the very best we can be

  • Use our self esteem to create powerful workplace and other results time and again

  • Enhance personal effectiveness

  • Gain new insights into the nature of self-motivation

  • Learn a methodology for releasing stress at work

  • Enhance partnership skills

  • Enhance leadership skills

THE POWER OF ESTEEM is either trained over six 3 hour sessions spaced a week apart (preferable), or over two full days.

Cost per participant: R1,750 plus VAT

The course is also offered in-house to businesses at rates to be negotiated.

For more info, contact Dr Kaz at Kaz@doctorkaz.com.

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