Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose

A powerful training Program for personal effectiveness in the workplace

contact Dr Kaz for details of the next course at kaz@doctorkaz.com
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If you are looking for purpose in the way in which you live your life and in each and every facet of your life, discover The Power of Purpose.


Trained by Doctor Kaz and Andrew Pike, THE POWER OF PURPOSE is designed to teach participants practical tools to:

  • Prioritise the important areas in their lives and workplaces

  • Determine their purposes in the workplace, their relationships, their health and other vital areas of their lives

  • Focus on the "wants" in their lives that matter to them

  • Determine their life purposes

  • Create meaningful and powerful results and goals in the context of their broader purposes

  • See what gets in the way of their results and move forward in a purposeful manner

  • Give participants renewed energy for the business of their lives

  • Act out of pure willingness rather than obligation

The course is also offered in-house to businesses at rates to be negotiated.


For more info, contact Dr Kaz at kaz@doctorkaz.com.

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