Sacred Relationship, Sacred Sexuality

A two day workshop exploring the sacredness of your sexuality in relationship 

Most of us have a deep yearning in our hearts to experience a deep, loving, close intimate relationship with a Beloved. Some of us may already be living it. Some may come close. Some may be in a relationship but far from its promise of love and ecstasy. Some are still striving to attract this in one’s life. Probably most of us are still refining how to have this intimacy with ourselves.

 What is Sacred Relationship?

It is where the Light and Risk of Intimacy become a way of life, where they become a spiritual practice, foremost with oneself and then with another.

What is Sacred Sexuality?

 It is where such Intimacy leads one to meet in the Supreme Sanctuary that your body and life energy are, first with oneself and eventually with another.

During the 2 days we will:

Identify and explore influences and factors that lead you to attract current and past Intimate Partners

Identify and bring healing to blocks of Emotional Intimacy

Bring Understanding, Compassion and Acceptance to all the influences and occurrences that contribute to your Sexual Psychology

Identify and bring Healing to Sexual Taboos, Shaming and Violation that can block an acceptance of the Purity and Beauty your Sexual Energy is

Explore what Transparency and Radical Honesty are in Relationship and how they are integral to Sacred Relationship and to Sacred Sexuality

Explore the Subtle Energy Body and its relationship to Sexuality

Note: There will be no nudity or inappropriate touching during the workshop. This workshop is open to individuals and couples.


Dr Kazalette Kiepiel
 – Medical Practitioner, Homoeopath, Kinesiology and has a great interest in relationships and healing of blockages that prevent us from having inner peace.

Meron Shapland – Breath worker, Author, Reiki master, Counsellor, Bowen Technician who works between the U.K and  Dubai.

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